What Can One Do with The Texas E-filing System?


The Texas e-filing system is a very convenient system that streamlines so much of the proceedings in the court. It makes it possible to get quick access to justice by incorporating technology. Unlike conventional paperwork, e- filing is a faster and more reliable way to access legal services. The need for e-filing in Texas came about to reduce congestion in how court issues were being handled. The statistics then showed that more work was conducted in offices at once than after implementing the Texas e- filing system than before its implementation.

With the increased demand for justice, which the appropriate authorities should consistently deliver in time, e-filing was the way to go for sure. It led to the settlement of any legal issues compared to when persons were expected to present themselves for such services physically. It, in turn, makes the justice process a much-simplified one, with the process being straightforward and not bureaucratic like it was before. Below are some of the legal services one could access through the Texas e-filing system.


Divorce can be defined as the legal procedure of unbinding a legally bound marriage. It can be initiated by either one of the partners or even both simultaneously. The qualifications in which couples are open to divorce include if the spouse has lived in the state for at least six months and one of them has lived in their county for at least three years. It is important to note that one who is pregnant with a child to the spouse with whom they want to get divorced cannot be successful. However, one can also file an uncontested divorce in which the spouse is absent. However, one will be expected to complete an Affidavit for citation by posting a publication for the spouse as legal notice of the divorce. Court fees for the divorce services might apply accordingly.

Changing of Names

People have got different reasons why they wish to change their names. At most times, our parents are fully responsible for the naming of their children during birth. However, persons might have different reasons why they wish to change their names; these reasons might include but are not limited to Marriage and other interests best known to the individual. The name-changing process begins with the taking of the individual’s fingerprints. A petition packet is then prepared and filed appropriately. Instructions on how to go about the filing are often available on the website.

After filing, one is supposed to call the court for confirmation on which one will be required to present themselves to court for the proceedings. Unlike Texas, where the fingerprint is taken, other states go further by posting the name change intentions to the local newspapers on the notice page to rule out any malicious activities that one might be secretly up to. For sure, Texas efilie has much simplified the name-changing process. It is also important to note that Court fees might apply accordingly. In a situation where one would be found with malicious intentions for having their names changed, then appropriate legal action shall be bestowed by the authorities upon them. The fair hearing shall always occur regardless of who initiates the petition via filing.


An eviction notice is usually given by a landlord to their tenants, demanding that they leave the premises within a given period. Eviction notices can be given for several reasons, including a breach in the initial agreement between the tenant and the property owner. Such breaches include but are not limited to misconducts within the property or even delayed payments on rent. Such occurrences might cause one to go to court hence kicking off the process on the Texas e-filing system, which is much more convenient than the conventional way of doing it. The Landlord can be the one sewing the tenant for whatever reason; however, the tenant has also got a chance to sew their landlords if the need arises. Just like they would get caught up in breaching contracts, the tenants can file a petition against wrongful or even forceful eviction if need be.

The Landlord might decide to evict a tenant without warning. It is, however, unacceptable to do so; hence, the tenant might file a petition against their landlords’ misconduct to find justice. It is essential to know that the law always goes as per the regulations stated in the initial contract between the two parties in such cases. Similarly, court charges might also be incurred by the complainants fully to facilitate the services. It is important to note that both parties shall receive justice accordingly regardless of who files the petition.

Debt collections

Debt collections are among the majority of the cases received in the court frequently. When two parties in debt disagree, especially late payments, and fail to settle the dispute among themselves, then a debt dispute can be filed in court for justice to help solve the issue. It is also essential to ensure that one maintains the terms in the initial debt contract to have the upper hand when disseminating justice to the person.

Debt collection might also escalate into a court matter whenever the parties wish to change the terms of the contract without the consent of the other party involved. However, if one of the parties feels oppressed by the terms in which the debt collection takes place, they are also free to file a debt petition or the way of justice to prevail. Like any other e-filing service, a facilitation fee might be incurred during application to ensure a more convenient process. Here, both the debt collector and the one in debt can have a chance to file their petitions electronically before they can appear to court for their actual hearing. The Texas e-filing system makes the whole court process simplified and convenient, from the application to the appearance in court.