What Are The Features Of A Patio Cover?


Have you constantly desired to have a beautiful patio with access to the sun while still providing shelter? Well, then patio covers are just the thing for you.

Patio covers are structures that are attached externally to the house. You may therefore decide to have it installed later on, even after the construction of your home.

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You may wonder what patio covers precisely entail. Here are some standard features of patio covers:


Having a sturdy pillar to support the whole patio structure is essential. In addition, the pillars could be decorated using flowers, paint and patterns to give them an aesthetic look.

The pillars should also be made from materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The material will help to avoid them wearing out, leading to a collapse of the whole structure.


A ceiling forms a significant part of the patio since it will provide the overhead protection required.

It should be a reasonable distance high up to ensure that there is no humidity. This will ensure the comfort of those on the patio.


As much as the ceilings are raised to ensure less humidity, it is essential to have fans installed.

The fans should be positioned strategically to ensure that the cool breeze flows to all corners of the patio.

It is better to have fans since they can be regulated, unlike the wind, which sometimes gets strong, making it hard for one to enjoy the breeze.


As mentioned above, the patio will be an external attachment to the house; therefore, the patio’s roof must also have its support.

A beam is, therefore, vital in supporting the roof of the patio. The beam should be made from a material that can support a heavyweight.


Some people may prefer to use natural light, but you should remember that you may want to use the patio during the night. Natural light may not be sufficient; lights are hence a key feature in patios.

It would be best if you hung the lights to ensure that the whole place receives proper lighting.

With the knowledge of what patio covers entail, you can now have your patio covers constructed. However, there are certain factors to consider before constructing a patio. These include:


Patio covers are constructed over patios. However, there are other factors to be considered other than that.

These include the shelter and use of the patio. Your patio may be located in an area with very little shade. This automatically makes it difficult for it to be used.

The best way to decide the location of a patio cover is by consulting a professional.


After looking at the location, you now have to consider the size of the patio cover.

It must be compatible with the size of the patio. As you decide the size, it is also essential to consider the number of people using the patio.