Tips for AC maintenance


Like maintaining car, computer and other electronic devices, maintaining the AC is also mandatory. Along with increasing the performance of the robust machine, you’ll also help it to enhance longevity. The compressors need proper care and maintenance for enhanced longevity. The compressors demands proper cleaning by the professional help which is why it can enhance the performance during summers to cool and in winters to heat. At GNR Corbus, you can connect with the finest technicians assuring the one-stop AC maintenance services at affordable costs. At a very competitive package- you can also purchase annual services when the specialized technicians will arrive to the given address for cleaning up both the indoor and outdoor devices.

Here, some tips for AC maintenance are discussed

Hire an expert

To begin with, you should hire an expert technician for repairing or cleaning up the AC in your house or office. Nowadays, YouTube and other websites are flooded with AC maintenance videos for ushering users to DIY AC cleaning. But if you want a hassle-free AC maintenance, it’s better to contact a technician experienced to clean up the mess of any model.

Don’t keep the AC running unnecessarily

You shouldn’t keep the AC running unnecessarily when no one is in the room. The poor habit of changing the temperatures should also be stopped. Avoid using the AC below 22 degrees otherwise the compressor will be compromised for hours causing to a major damage and you will have to pay a havoc for replacing the damaged compressor.

Don’t keep the door or windows open when the AC is running

It’s a poor habit of many to keep doors and windows open when the AC is on. Don’t do it otherwise the compressor is highly pressurized.

Save the user manual

You must save the user manual to give it to the technician or for your own use also for changing filters etc. You can DIY the filters once in every one year as it’s an easy process that doesn’t require any specialized intervention.

Maintain the outdoor unit with care

You need to be more careful about the outdoor unit. Make sure no sewerage pipe is passing over it. Stop any kind of leakage above the machine for protecting the device from the constant water erosion. Make sure, foliage and garbage are not covering the outdoor unit otherwise, the AC might get stopped. Clean up the layered ice from top of the machine in winters otherwise the heating will be compromised.