Silent Westerns and Contemporary plots of Westerns Series


Western films were amongst the first film genres to be produced, rising in rank adjacent to the advancement of Hollywood’s studio creation system. With only a few great silent westerns in existence, the best ones built some of the patterns still used into the genre today. The earliest westerns usually referred to as silent films void of the vibrations of gunfire, horse’s hoofbeats, and the cattle trail are treasures of American history. Some of the earliest western-like films were short films less-than 1 minute in length.

 Western Plots

In these films, nearly all the fundamental parts of westerns themes were included such as good guys vs. bad guys, a robbery or wrongdoing, a chase or pursuit, and a showdown at the end of the movie, all shot in a natural setting. The film usually wrapped or began with a remarkable close-up of a gunman shooting straight at the camera and audience at least once. Commercially, the western genre was the most successful film before the beginning of the pre-nickelodeon era.

Similar to other styles, westerns promptly converted to character-driven and stars as the demand for them increased.  Several main film studios were creating westerns beginning in early 1907, and by the close of the initial decade marking the centenary, approximately twenty percent of all of Hollywood’s films were in the western genre. As time went on producers started generating ซีรีย์ฝรั่ง with several plots and storylines.


In most plots of this nature, revenge was a reoccurring theme. The main character usually loses a family member or someone close to them by murder and enlist the help of a sidekick to hunt down the murderer and make them pay for what they did.

Union Pacific story 

The plot involves either or the creation of a railroad, a telegraph line, or some other form of contemporary technology or transportation, or follows an event occurring at a pre-existing railroad.

Empire Story 

 The plot typically includes building a ranching or oil empire from the ground up, with timeless rags to riches theme. This type of storyline usually features a railroad baron, a cattle baron, who is the honest corporate executive instead of a nefarious one, if they are not an anti-hero or a villain protagonist.


Plots centered on grief usually have the main character suffering from a major loss of a child, parent, or spouse struggling to cope with pain and loss associated with grief. Some of the characters are designed to hide their grief behind wit to keep others at bay.

Search for Treasure

The storyline of some westerns includes a treasure hunt theme. Were a few characters in the movie or film racing to find the treasure before anybody else gets their hands on it.

Bank Robberies

Bank robberies plots can be spun in two to create two different narratives. For example, if a character robbed a bank to save his family’s homestead is one storyline while the sheriffs or rangers hunting down the character would form the theme of good vs evil.