Jigsaw Puzzles 101: The Basics of Putting Together


Have you ever tried solving jigsaw puzzles? If not, then you are missing an opportunity to have extreme relaxation and fun. You can never get enough or run out of puzzles. That’s because you receive fresh new features and puzzles every day.

Solving jigsaw puzzles on your mobile device is challenging as you could do it in the real world. The game gives you a variety of over 13000 free HD pictures to select and solve. Jigsaw puzzles come in various difficulty levels that range from easy to hard. The difficulty of the game solely depends on the total number of puzzle pieces you need to assemble.

What is a jigsaw puzzle?

It is a tiling puzzle that needs you to put together various pieces of different shapes. The pieces interlock when assembled, and each piece has a section of the picture in question. After you finish putting them together, they form a complete picture of choice. At that point, you will have successfully solved the jigsaw puzzle, you then move to the next level.

The Basics of Putting Together Jigsaw Puzzles

  • The first step is to select the puzzle picture you wish to complete. There are over 13000 free pictures for your selection.
  • Choose the pieces you wish to put together. For a start, it would be best if you start with fewer pieces to make it easier for you to complete the puzzle fast.
  • Move and place the pieces at their correct position in the puzzle. You can click on the parts to make them rotate where necessary. If you need to arrange the pieces to align with your puzzle, press the first help button. If you want to place the target picture in the background, click on the second help button.
  • Fill in the pieces until you create a complete picture that looks exactly like the one you choose at the beginning of the game.
  • If the jigsaw puzzle is in the most challenging mode at the start of the game, check your screen at the bottom right corner and press those buttons to make it easier.

Features that Makes Solving Jigsaw Puzzles more Entertaining and Relaxing

  • Jigsaw puzzles provide players with free new puzzles daily for them to solve.
  • The game challenges users to discover mystery puzzles and determine what is in the image.
  • You get daily picture gallery updates. There is no single day you will not find free new puzzles in the jigsaw box.
  • There are over 13,000 free high-quality and beautiful pictures. They come in various categories, like landmarks, art, nature, flowers, challenging puzzles, color, and many more.
  • The game gives you a hint that comes in handy when you get stuck. Hint help put together the pieces.
  • Gamers can click on the rotation mode to make the game rotate, which makes it more challenging.
  • The puzzle pieces range from 36 to 400. Jigsaw puzzles become more challenging when you increase the number of items you have to assemble.
  • Players can change the jigsaw background’s appearance by choosing their desired color.


You solve jigsaw puzzles by assembling pieces to create a complete picture of choice. Every part has a portion of the image. When you place them together, they interlock. There are more than 13000 HD pictures to select from and solve the puzzle. You win the game when you successfully make a complete picture.