How to help someone stop gambling


If you live in a place where gambling is a way of life or in a place where there are many gambling companies, then chances are that you have seen someone who is addicted to the activity. Gambling companies engage in a lot of heavy advertising and use of expensive incentives to attract people to the world of gambling. Whereas the companies can’t be blamed for trying to get people to gamble because adults have the right to make their own choices, the advertisements play a very significant role in making people into gambling addicts.

When someone has become an impulsive gambler, they stop being reasonable in how they spend their time and money. They start to borrow money just to gamble and others even go the extra mile to steal money so that they can place a bet. Gambling becomes their only source of happiness and it is their families that suffer. It is the families that have to try and make these people to stop their gambling behavior and lead a more fruitful life.

I will present some tips that you need to follow as a family member or friend to someone who is addicted to gambling.

Start by helping yourself

When someone becomes addicted to gambling or drugs, some close family members start to blame themselves. You will hear some say that it is their problem the person is addicted. This alone usually leads to depression and a poor quality of life. Well, I am here to tell you that you should not feel depressed over someone who decided that gambling is the best way for them to live their lives. You have the right to protect yourself financially and emotionally and in as much as you should help the person who has a gambling problem you should not let their problems become yours. You should not let them drain you financially just because you want to make them happy.

You should understand that their problem gambling is not your fault and there is nothing you can do about it besides help in any way you can. You should not feel so stressed over the issue. In fact, you should continue living your life as happily as you can because you deserve it.

Don’t go it alone

Most people usually feel ashamed when they have someone who has a problem with gambling. They feel like their problem is unique and no one else has the same problem. Well, you are not alone and out of the millions of gamblers out there, you can be assured that problem gambling is not a unique problem and you are definitely not the only one dealing with such. Therefore, don’t die alone. Get out there and get as must support and help as you can because you need it.

Set boundaries in managing money

Gamblers need money to fuel their Taruhan Bola addiction and as such, you should expect to get several money-related requests from the addicted person. However, just because they are addicted doesn’t mean that you should give into all their financial requests. You should set boundaries and uphold them as strictly as you can.