How to Create a Multilingual Website on Wix?

  1. First things first, you need to translate your website.

When creating a multilingual website, you need to translate almost everything. If you don’t speak the second language, then you may need to hire a translator. You need to cover all the grammatical or cultural nuances. Or you can also hire agencies which have the Best E-Commerce Website Designs In Singapore to look after every aspect of building the website. When it comes to building a multilingual website, you need to translate text, images, and change the SEO settings accordingly.

  1. Add a language menu

Once all the necessary elements are translated, you need to inform the visitors that the website can be viewed in different language. Do this by showing a language menu on the first page itself. You can customize it as you like by adding a language with a relevant flag icon or abbreviation. If you have more than two languages, then you can add flag or word icons in the header menu. If you have more, then you must add a drop down menu of letter abbreviations to not make it look messy. For more, visit the website.