Few things that you must understand before you subscribe to TDS Internet


TDS Telecom provides Internet, telephone, and TV cable services to home-based business owners and residential people. If you want all three services, you choose to bundle up the packages. Currently, TDS Telecom is only active in a few states in the nation of the US. They offer fiber, cable, and DSL Internet connections to their customers. However, suppose you are planning to make the switch to TDS Internet. In that case, there are certain things that you need to be aware of about TDS Internet deals before you make your final decision.


Currently, TDS services are active in 27 states, but the primary coverage is in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. Currently, the DSL Internet is being availed by 2.2 million people. In contrast, the fiber and cable services are being availed by half a million people each.

Prices and available packages

The specific Internet package available in your area will depend on your location. The best Internet package is the fiber one, but it is limited. The cable and the DSL services are the ones that are predominantly found in the rural and suburban regions. TDS offers a variety of plans with different price brackets. So, they have a plan for everyone, whether it’s a single user or a house full of users.

Service and equipment trees

TDS prefers that the customers use the WiFi modem of TDS itself. The rental price of the modem is $6.95 in the case of the DSL plan, $8 in the case of fiber Internet plans, and $10 in the case of cable Internet plans. The renting of the modem is a good option for those who are either testing out the company or who move around a lot. This way, when they move, they do not have to carry the modem along with them. Alternatively, if you are planning to subscribe to TDS Internet services for a long period, you should purchase your own modem. This will help you save more money.

Service fees

TDS Internet services do not charge an activation fee, but a one-time setup fee of $14.95. This one-time setup fee is applicable on all Internet packages.

Cancellation fees

This is one of the huge drawbacks in the case of the tedious Internet service, which makes it unfavorable. Suppose you sign up for a 2-year contract with the company. However, you feel dissatisfied with the services and want to switch to another company. According to the terms of service of TDS, you will have to pay the company an amount that is close to the applicable charge as was initially ordered by you. In other words, you have to buy yourself out of the contract.

Advantages to opting for TDS Internet services

  • High-level availability. TDS Internet services or even available in rural areas.
  • They have the option of fiber to home.
  • The services options of TDS are very flexible and allow you to make bundles of TV, phone and cable services.

Why should you not opt for TDS Internet service provider?

  • The customers have reported facing a lot of hidden fees
  • The prices are higher compared to the other cable providers and Internet providers
  • The customer service section of TDS leaves a lot to be desired.

Home Internet security

With the advent of smart devices, home Internet security has become susceptible to all kinds of malware. If you choose to opt for the home Internet security feature, it will protect the sensitive information of your homes like payment, username, and password information. The charge of this plan is $5.95 per month after the initial 30 days are over. During the first 30 days, the offer is free.

Online backup

One lucrative offer that TDS gives to its customers is the availability of 200 GB of online storage space. If you choose to cancel your services with the TDS company, you can back up your data within 90 days of your cancellation. After 90 days, you cannot back up your data.

Protection against identity theft

Identity theft has become as common as the clouds in the sky nowadays. The identity theft protection service of TDS protects the customers against any kind of credit card fraud. It also prevents any loss of user information.

If someone tries to use a credit card that has credentials that match yours, there will be an instant phone call to you aimed at alerting you of the same. If you do not pick the call or if you do not authorize it, the card will not be accessible.

PC support

Sometimes, we need help with software glitches in the PCs. The PC support plan allows technicians from the customer company to connect their devices to the TDS server. TDS technicians can remotely help out with software issues.