Easy Tips To Clean A Chimney


Since spices and oil are used in Indian dishes, a lot of smoke is formed while cooking. If the smoke is not directed away outside, it will cause suffocation in the kitchen. Also, the oil particles in the smoke can stick to surfaces and make them sticky and stained. Using a chimney, you can easily get rid of the smoke. This is why chimneys are a very essential part of Indian kitchen interior designs.

While the chimney helps to keep the rest of the kitchen clean by getting rid of the smoke, it gets dirty over time irrespective of what kitchen chimney type you choose. Hence, you will have to clean the chimney from time to time so that it continues to function efficiently. Although it may seem like a very difficult task, it is actually not. You just need to put some time and effort into cleaning it. Otherwise, you might have to replace the chimney very soon. It will lead to lots of additional expenses. This makes cleaning the chimney regularly very important. If you are not sure about how to clean the kitchen chimney, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 04 Use your regular dishwashing liquid

One of the most common items used for cleaning kitchen chimneys is dishwashing liquid. This is because it is almost always available in your home and the solution is very effective at cleaning. Since dishwashing liquids are designed to remove oil particles and stains from utensils, it gets rid of the stains and grime on the kitchen chimney very easily. However, do not start cleaning while the filters are still fitted to the chimney. You must first remove the filters and carefully apply the dishwashing liquid using a sponge. The number of filters may vary depending on the kitchen chimney type. After applying properly, leave the filters in a bucket of warm water for an hour or two. Scrub them gently with a scrubber after removing and then wash with regular water. Your chimney filters will be as good as new ones. Make sure that they are completely dry before you install them again.

02 of 04 Clean with vinegar

If you do not have any cleaning solution or detergent, you can use things that are always available in your kitchen. Vinegar is one of the best options you can choose for cleaning when there are no other cleaning solutions lying around in your home. Besides its acidic and mild abrasive nature, vinegar is considered a great disinfectant. You can use it while cleaning to make your kitchen interior design completely hygienic. For the standard cleaning of your chimney, take a paper towel or tissue, dip it in vinegar, and wipe the surfaces clean with it. However, if you want to thoroughly clean the chimney filters, make a solution by adding two cups of vinegar to a bucket of boiling water. Once they mix, immerse the chimney filters in the water. Move them out of the water after an hour or two and scrub them with a non-abrasive scrubber. 1-2 hours. Clean the filters with plain water and then dry them before installing them back.

03 of 04 Remove stains and oil with caustic soda

Caustic soda is great for cleaning the chimney filters because its acidic nature helps to get rid of the oil particles and stains easily. This is an industrial cleaner designed to get rid of even the most stubborn stains. From grease, oil, and fats to other organic compounds, caustic soda can dissolve almost anything. You need to follow the same cleaning process for cleaning the chimney filters. Fill a bucket with boiling water and add caustic soda to it. Then, dip the chimney filters in the solution and leave them for an hour or more. Scrub them properly after taking them out of the solution and clean with plain water. You can then install them as soon as they get dry.

However, there is one important thing that you have to keep in mind while cleaning the chimney filters with caustic soda. The chemical is quite acidic and can damage your skin. You should be very careful when handling it. Wearing protective gear is recommended to ensure your safety.

04 of 04 Get rid of dirt with detergent powder

Besides dishwashing liquid, the detergent powder is another cleaning agent almost always available at home. People use it for cleaning the kitchen chimney filters because one can easily get rid of stains. Start by filling a bucket with boiling water and then add two to three tablespoons of detergent powder to it. Once they mix properly, dip the filters in the solution.  In a few hours, the grease stains disappear completely. However, if you can still see a few stains, get rid of them by scrubbing them. Finally, clean the filters with plain water and they will appear new.