All About Retirement 55+ Communities In Central Florida


If you are planning an early retirement, you need to look for a retirement community that fits your needs. If you’re ready to relocate, then Florida offers the affordable and the best 55 communities in Central Florida.

Central Florida is a busy and popular spot in the entire state. While the presence of the seemingly magical Disney world makes this town a tourist destination, it’s not the only thing that makes central Florida the best place to live. The strategic positioning of the town makes it easier to access the world-famed beaches, recreational facilities, entertainment, and theme parks.

Since this is a hot spot for entertainment and business, you might think only young people reside there. However, Central Florida is one of the greatest towns for retirement communities that come as a shock for many.

Both members of the adult community and retirees searching for affordable retirement housing alternatives around Central Florida have numerous options. Whether you want to stay in a home that is fully equipped with luxuries and or just a modest house, they are all available.

People living in the 55 communities in central Florida have easy access to clubhouses, swimming pools, golf courses, fitness centers, and restaurants. The major difference between staying in a premium house and a budget house is that of personal and medical services. When you choose a budget home, the costs of medical and personal services are endured separately and are not included in the rent.

What makes 55 communities in Central Florida Popular?

Reasons that make central Florida the best place for the majority of active adults who want to retire are many. This comprises warm weather, easy access to various amenities, proximity to water bodies, sports, entertainment, and other recreational activities. Furthermore, residents have everything they want at their disposal and this lets them socialize with friends.

Another important reason it’s a hit among many 55 communities in Central Florida is that the home is affordable. However, some of the retirement homes are expensive as some sell for millions of dollars. However, for those adults looking for the best retirement home at an affordable price, the options are also many.

The cheapest living alternatives begin from $100-$1000. The prices are defined by a range of parameters. These comprise the facilities available, size of the home, location of the house, and service available. The kind of home that comprises condos, single-family homes, standing villas, and waterfront amenities also impacts pricing. But regardless of the kind of a home you opt to live in, you will have to use all amenities available.

The 55 communities in central Florida are located in various places. This includes Deland, Groveland. Orlando, lady lake, Kissimmee, St Cloud, Tempa, and many others.

The total population of each of these towns doesn’t exceed 5000. This is perfect for retirement living. When compared to other parts of the US, the cost of living in these towns is low. Florida is also one of the few cities in the US where they don’t tax your income.

Climate conditions in these Florida are warm all year around. This works well for the elderly. The cold being winters will be harsh for those adults in younger age.

Therefore, a warm temperature climate is ideal. The summer period in Florida can be humid and uncomfortable. Luckily, some facilities will battle this issue. The proximity to the beaches is another influence for those people who sand beaches and other fun activities in the water.

Benefits of living in 55 communities in Central Florida

Retirement is a good thing for many reasons. You will have a lot of free time to travel, discover new hobbies and link up with new friends. You will also need a secure environment and require help with your daily activities. In this case, living in 55 communities in Central Florida will be ideal. Here is why:

  • Encourages a lower maintenance lifestyle
  • Provides personal care options
  • Guarantees safety and security


55 communities in central Florida offer diverse alternatives for the serious. Whether you like sports or you want to indulge in arts and music or spend enough time specializing, you are free to do. There are many options for entertainment, indulge in nature, or staying indoors with your preferred activities and keep physically fit.