“A Just Transition”: NJ Ayuk’s Exploration of Africa’s Energy Challenges Under IEA’s Green Energy Policies.


NJ Ayuk, a celebrated Cameroonian author and entrepreneur, has written a book titled “A Just Transition” that highlights the complexities that Africa’s energy sector faces due to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) green energy policies. According to Ayuk, these policies have impeded the growth of African countries with abundant natural resources that have the potential to become global energy leaders. The book delves into various topics such as energy poverty, the importance of natural gas in Africa, the adverse effects of foreign aid, the need to embrace innovative technologies, and the creation of opportunities for women. Ayuk believes that with judicious governance, an acute eye for opportunity, and due regard for the affected countries, African nations can transition equitably and prosperously to renewable energy.

NJ Ayuk is the CEO of Centurion Law Group, a top-tier pan-African legal and energy advisory firm. He is widely recognized for his unwavering dedication to driving economic growth and development in Africa’s energy sector. Industry leaders, policymakers, and investors greatly value his work. Apart from “A Just Transition,” Ayuk has authored several other books such as “Big Barrels: African the Quest for Prosperity.” He has contributed articles to respected publications such as Forbes, The Economist, and The New York Times, and has been a regular speaker at various energy-related conferences and events.