A Guide To Modern Farmhouse Design


A lot of people love the Farmhouse decor. It has features of both modern and rustic designs. This makes it a very unique option for many homeowners. You will feel more relaxed and invited because of its warm appearance.  Moreover, the farmhouse design adds more character to your home interior design and makes them visually appealing. Popularly, this design is known as country chic as well.

Many people love the simplicity of the farmhouse design that takes you back to the basics. The combination of both styles gives it a minimalist and industrial effect. You will find clean lines like a Scandinavian interior design as well. It primarily focuses on being functional than being aesthetically appealing and hence, this style is perfect for casual living. If you are not sure about how to create a modern farmhouse home interior design, here is a guide that will help you:

01 of 06 Choose organic and natural materials

The materials you choose for your home interior design set its foundation. For your modern farmhouse home design, you should stick to organic and natural materials. This type of interior design style will help to create a simple yet sophisticated home decor design. For instance, if you are designing your kitchen, you can introduce industrial metals to give the space a modern touch. Simultaneously, you can choose white marble countertops to balance out the look. A large farmhouse sink would be a great addition to the space as well. There are lots of organic and natural materials available that you can use for creating a great modern farmhouse interior design. Just try to avoid shiny materials and glossy finishes.

02 of 06 Never go overboard

A lot of people have the tendency to go overboard while designing the farmhouse decor since it gives a lot of freedom. As a result, the interiors start appearing overwhelming. You should keep this in mind and avoid going overboard. People often end up making heavy-handed modern farmhouse interior design mistakes given the number of options available. If you do not have very in-depth knowledge of designing your home, try to keep things simple. Otherwise, you may end up adding too many elements and creating a design that appears too cluttered and compact

03 of 06 Be careful when picking the colours

Colours play a very crucial role in your farmhouse design. This type of interior design style is known for its colourful interiors. However, this does not mean they feature too many dark and bold colours. If you cannot accommodate the colours properly, they will make the interiors cramped and small. For an attractive and soothing modern farmhouse interior design, you should stick to neutral colours. This does not mean the space will have to appear boring. You can add contrasting combinations for an appealing look. There are lots of combinations you can choose for the space. Just ensure that the entire space appears in harmony. For a brighter effect, you can paint your walls white and add plenty of mirrors to the setup.

04 of 06 Add contrasting elements

Contrast adds more visual interest to the space. If you want to create a great farmhouse home design, you should include a few contrasting elements. Combine traditional and modern features, high and low elements, and old and new items for creating a great farmhouse home design that features a casual and low-key luxury look. Also, you can be very creative and come up with unique ways to add contrast. However, many people end up adding too many elements to the space and making it appear heavy. To create a great modern farmhouse design, avoid making mistakes and try to stick to the minimalist appearance. Adding a few interesting elements and positioning them correctly will help you to create the perfect farmhouse decor.

05 of 06 Add natural fibres

As mentioned earlier, you should stick to natural elements. You should follow this rule while choosing fabrics for your farmhouse design as well. Farmhouse design focuses on bringing outdoor elements inside your home whether you are choosing furniture, decorative items, or finishes. Options such as lucite, plastic, etc, should be avoided as they do not go well with a modern farmhouse home design. Handcrafted items are great for this theme.

06 of 06 Imperfections are fine

People always prioritise perfection while designing home interiors. However, the farmhouse home decor is slightly different. It is meant for casual living and you can experiment with the interiors. Hence, there is room for imperfections. If you are combining different contrasting elements, the entire home design might not appear in harmony. You may come across a few things that may appear slightly irregular. This will only help to add more visual interest and character to the interiors.