6 Tips to Choose the Perfect Shade of White Paint for Your Home 


Have you decided to paint your walls white? Though it might seem like an easy task to buy a can of white paint, it is surprisingly challenging. Don’t believe us? We will tell you why. You will notice that the home painting stores will have a gazillion of white shades to choose from. Though white seems like a primary colour, there is a different shade of white available out there for every room. Choosing the perfect shade of white makes a huge difference on the overall aesthetics of your room.

Lucky for you, we have come up with 6 handy tips that will help you choose the right shade of white for your home.

Understand the undertones of white
Cool whites have a bluish or greyish undertone whereas warm whites have a tinge of yellow, red or brown undertone. Once you have understood the two undertones of white, now pay attention to your room. If your room receives ample sunlight, then you can go for a cool white shade. However, if you are planning to paint a dimly lit room, we would recommend you go for warm whites as they will make your room appear bright and well-lit.

Pay attention to your furniture
If you have modern, sleek, minimalist furniture, then we would suggest you paint your walls in a cool white shade as they will complement the furniture. People who have a vintage, rustic, bohemian, cabin style or eclectic maximalism kind of interior design for home must go for warms whites which have a hint of yellow, brown or cream as they will blend perfectly with the décor elements of their house.

Keep in mind the accent walls
Are you planning to use white as your base colour and introduce a feature wall in your room? If yes, then it is important to decide on the accent wall colour first and then accordingly choose a shade of white that complements it. If you are planning to go for a warm accent wall colour like yellow, red, orange, or pink, then you can go for a warm white shade for the rest of the walls. People who want a cool-tone accent wall like blue or green must go for a cool white shade for the other walls. Get in touch with Asian Paints to get trendy interior wall textures for your accent walls.

Pick the right finish
If you want your white paint to make a statement, you must choose a perfect finish for your white colour. People who want a rich and opulent finish must consider going for a matte finish. Satin and semi-glossy finishes are great for people who are looking for a finish which is shiny but not too shiny and is easy to maintain. A high gloss finish is perfect for people who want a highly durable and washable finish.

Sample your white
Before you finalise a shade of white and start your home painting project, we recommend that you test it on your walls. Make sure that you paint a patch of your wall and observe it during different times of the day. Notice how the white looks in natural light and how it looks after the sun goes down.

Know what you want
Remember that at the end of the day all that matters is that you pick a shade of white that makes you happy. A pro interior design for home tip is to test out a few shades of whites, especially cool, stark whites and observe if any of the shades strain your eyes or give you a headache. Make sure that you pick a shade that work for you and best reflects your taste and personality.

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