3 reasons you are advised to use CBD oil


Both THC and CBD are compounds of cannabinoids which are part of the hundred other cannabinoids that interact with different receptors in the human body. CBD is not responsible for the psychoactive effect people experience when they use marijuana but THC is. You can however find traces of THC in CBD oil but not exceeding 0.3%. The pain relief characteristics of CBDA oil gives people one more option when looking for alternatives to addictive opioids commonly prescribed. CBD can be availed in tinctures, food materials and also oil form depending on the form that pleases you most. Check out here why you are advised to use CBD oil for your health.

Alleviate anxiety and depression

The numbers of mental disorders are increasing by the day with increased stress form our regular life involvements. Depression and anxieties are some of the undesirable disorders that people battle everyday with countless therapy sessions and pill however CBD oil has been proven to have no side effect when used to combat such diseases. It has therefore been successful in treating a number of ailments ranging from insomnia to anxiety and also PTSD condition in patients.

Help fight acne

Unfortunately, acne is a condition that affects about 9% of the world population. A beautiful skin can increase your glow wherever you go which I why you have the most ideal treatment option for your acne if you are to continue impressing. The properties of the oil come in very handy for instance it is known to reduce the production of excessive sebum from the gland cells on the skin. This and the anti-inflammatory properties make it an ideal option to use when tackling different skin conditions. CBD oil can also be used as moisturizer when mixed with other products to improve skin quality.

Help fight addiction and withdrawal

Addiction if often the results of abusing certain type of drugs and as you know dropping such habits is never easy. At the rehabilitation centers, different hacks can be used to better the withdrawal phase but a few works well than CBD oil. When experimented on rats, the product was found to reduce dependence on drugs like morphine and heroine. It can therefore be successfully inducted as part of the treatment plan for patients that are undergoing withdrawal symptoms.